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    Story goes that this entity is the most evil known out there and it seems to seek people of all ages that do not reblog this. The name non-tumblr users have already been killed and you’re next.

    That is, if you reblog this, he’ll let you live. Now, do it. My friend Katy didn’t know how to reblog and within the hour, she died. I warned her but she didn’t

    ok tumblr srsly i fucking hate you but that fucking picture ok i’ll reblog this


    this is just so i can sleep alright tonight…

    this looks like it’s from something but i can’t remember


    i’m literally only reblogging for that

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  2. Can’t wait to meet these wonderful men.

  3. God they are so perfect.

  4. ASS ASS ASS!!

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    Dave Franco does his best Robert De Niro impression.

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    There was once a beautiful Texan girl.

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    Love something? Reblog it!

    Ever see something on Tumblr and wish it was on your blog? Well, it can be. Just hit the reblog button on the post, add some stuff if you’d like, and voila! Touch it and make it yours.

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  12. Me and my bf are texting and this is how it went down:

    Me: I love you to

    Him: Goooooooood.

    Me: Smoke weed everyday!

    Him: -_-

    Me: Hold up….


    Him: What..

    Me:Dr. Dre mothafuckaaaa!!!

    Him:Oh God. You’ve gone black.

    Me: Lmao

    Him: You have…

    Me: Shut the fuck up!

    Him: :(

    Me: What?

    Him: Meanie

    Me: Nope

    Him: Yes

    Me: No!

    Him: Yes ma’am

    Me: What?

    Him:My phone is low. Must find charger. 6%

    Me: Kk!

    Him: No charger!!!!!

    Me: Lamborghini mercy!

    Him: Oh my goodness..

    Me: Yo chick she so thirsty!

    Him:Please..please stop.

    Me:OhOhOhOhOh ok

    49’s are winning!!

    Him: Against?

    Me: Seattle

    Him: Oh shit! Broncos vs Seahawks

    I think I am a pretty bad ass girlfriend if I can rap and know about football. Lol :)