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    There was once a beautiful Texan girl.

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  5. Me and my bf are texting and this is how it went down:

    Me: I love you to

    Him: Goooooooood.

    Me: Smoke weed everyday!

    Him: -_-

    Me: Hold up….


    Him: What..

    Me:Dr. Dre mothafuckaaaa!!!

    Him:Oh God. You’ve gone black.

    Me: Lmao

    Him: You have…

    Me: Shut the fuck up!

    Him: :(

    Me: What?

    Him: Meanie

    Me: Nope

    Him: Yes

    Me: No!

    Him: Yes ma’am

    Me: What?

    Him:My phone is low. Must find charger. 6%

    Me: Kk!

    Him: No charger!!!!!

    Me: Lamborghini mercy!

    Him: Oh my goodness..

    Me: Yo chick she so thirsty!

    Him:Please..please stop.

    Me:OhOhOhOhOh ok

    49’s are winning!!

    Him: Against?

    Me: Seattle

    Him: Oh shit! Broncos vs Seahawks

    I think I am a pretty bad ass girlfriend if I can rap and know about football. Lol :)


  6. Lamborghini Mercy, Yo chick she so thirsty!


  8. Looking through my old photos and I can see my scars and cuts. God I remember just hating every single moment being there. I hated everything. Things were never easy. Everything just sucked and now its going back to that once more. 

  9. I know he isn’t the most charming person in the world, but I love him with everything I have. And I will never trade it with the world. We do have out ups and down, but some how we manage to get through it. To me he is perfect, handsome, horrible, loving, mean, charming, awful, wonderful person that has come into my life. And I wouldn’t ask for anything else.  


  10. Why must I suffer throughout my existence? Haven’t I been through enough? You took my father, why couldn’t you take me instead? Why kill a father of 4, grandfather of 9, brother of 3, and son of 2. I’m nothing , my biggest accomplishment is graduating. Im an 18 year old teen that has been through so much. When can I have a break? Every year of my life I haven’t been happy. I’m just an awful person who doesn’t deserve to breath. I make him upset, I maker her upset. I cannot make a single person happy. Please take me away, it wouldn’t matter. I’ve already given up on my life, all there is left is being 6 ft. under.


  11. charliemartensen asked: I don't know if you'd be interested in Teen Wolf roleplay, but teenwolves-rp is a badass new blog. There are a bunch of open characters left, it's awesome so far. I roleplay as Ethan. Just thought I'd mention it since you seem like a huge fan! (:

    That sounds AWESOME!!!!!!


  12. I think god put me on this earth to make me suffer. He is testing me if I can handle life and love. I can’t god, I’m not that strong girl you think I am. My weakness is taking over, I don’t believe anymore, I make everyone that I love sad and stressed out. I can’t live the life my peers want me to live. I live the life of hopelessness and sadness. I’m sorry I let you down father, please forgive me. Please Lord I’m only asking for forgiveness. Your the only one I can talk to without getting a yelling response back, or calling me stupid, or hating me. I’m sorry father…